2001 Pontiac Sunfire - Drive belt?

I have a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire. Was a lease vehicle before I got it, in 2006. Has treated me very well, generally.

Recently I’ve noticed a noise that I have a hard time identifying. I got some advice on what it may be, but thought I would check here to see if anyone could confirm that advice.

I have developed an occasional, “metallic rattle”, rather quick, not exactly high pitched, but certainly higher rather than lower, from the front right of the car. This does not happen all of the time, and I have not yet been able to track it based on time driven, temperature, or any other common denominator. The noise speeds up somewhat when I press on the gas.

I took my car in to fix something else minor, and the sound came up while at the shop. They claimed they thought it was the drive belt and tensioner going bad, and that I needed to replace those at around 250-300. I will admit I have no clue if that noise could come from those parts.

Thoughts? Is this a legit diagnosis? Thanks in advance.

If the tensioner pulley assembly hasn’t been replaced in 10 years, yes, it is quite posible it is wearing out.

The belt needs to be removed and the pulley turned by hand with a little side pressure to hear and or feel a worn bearing.

Other pulleys should be checked at the same time as a different pulley MAY be making the noise (such as the alternator pulley or steering pump).

A ‘metallic rattle’ description is a bit misleading as that may point to a loose heat shield around the cat converter.

Thanks for the reply. I had actually checked out some previous questions here awhile ago, and thought it might be the heat shield - I’m just not sure how to describe the sound best. Rattle isn’t perfect, but it’s the best that I, or my friends, have come up with.

Not sure if there is a typical sound that would be made with the tensioner that might describe what I am hearing better.