Dodge caravan reliability

Has anyone heard of the reliability of the dodge caravan improving any with the newer models?

According to Consumer Reports survey data (should have good sample with this vehicle) its not great 2005 and before. However its average for 2006/2007.

My friend has a late model…nothing but touble. Do you notice there are tons of used Chry/Dodge on lots but not so many other makes. Tells me I don’t want one. BTW…you dont see many GM vans on lots since nobody buys them. Poor quality and BORING looking. Come to think of it the Windstar/Freestar are rolling pieced of junk also.

dodge should be shot they were the first to sell a van and they lead in van problems same junk new colors. get a toyota van .

harsh crowd.

1st caravan 226k 2nd caravan 109 and counting

This is a tough crowd. I had a '93 Chrysler T&C. I got rid of it at almost 200k. Great vehicle for moving kids around. You do hear about a lot of tranny issues, but they sold millions of those things. The majority of them must be ok.

My daughter has one. My observation is it depends upon how long you want to keep it. If you are low mileage, or like to trade at 85,000 miles or similar low mileage, the Caravan will usually suit you fine and new price is quite a bit lower. If you want to drive it 300,000 miles, better consider a Sienna. Obviously the Caravan can go that long, but in my experience, repairs are more significant on the high mileage Caravan.

I’ve not heard of Dodge minivan reliability although some may have it.

JMHO but I don’t see them as any worse than anything else out there. You hear about the problematic ones but not the vehicles that go 100s of thousands of trouble free miles.
A neighbor of mine (financial planner/ins. agent) put 350k miles on a Caravan with no serious problems and he did this over a 15 year period.

My belief is that the entire story behind a complaint, on any vehicle, needs to be known before blaming the vehicle.
Never changubf the trans fluid, fuel filter, spark plugs, drives around for 3 years with the Check Engine Light on and then blaming the car for being a lemon is about the norm.