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Fix Dodge Grand Caravan

My Dodge Grand Caravan was recently hit in the front driver side panel & fender & the insurance company just totaled it. Despite the fender bender, it ran well, though the alignment was slightly off. It has about 185k miles on it & was just beginning to have some transmission issues- in the mornings & the cold, it would slip from gear once or twice & then it would run fine. I am considering investing in fixing it or purchasing a used Honda CRV- 99 with 159k for $5100. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on the longevity of the Caravans or the transmission issue. Thank you!

Sounds like the Caravan is more trouble that it’s worth. Also, do not buy a 99 CRV with 159k miles for $5100, way to much money. For $5100 you can get something with fewer miles and maybe a couple years newer.

I thought the CRV price was high too. There is a 98 with 140k but I don’t know the price yet. The Caravan was great but getting old & torn about fixing it since buying a used car can be a bit nerve racking.

I can second the advice to not get the CRV. Too much money for too many miles. I’d suggest to get a used minivan for the same price. Because of their “boring” image they depreciate substantially and for 5000$ you can find a minivan with lower miles and/or a later model year than the CRV. A 2002 Caravan or a 2000 Odyseey for example.

I’d also look at the bright side: Through that accident the insurance “bought” your car that was beginning to need repairs anyway. You probably can get a few more months out of it and will probably come out of this with a small profit.

I think you total it and buy something else :slight_smile:

Not worth saving because it has outlasted its reputation. Don’t pay top dollar for 159,000 miles either. It’s worth $2,000 to me.

I think if I wanted to depart with $2K for that car I will have second thoughts. You can find a 2005 Caravan with 50-60KM for 5-6K even in California.

My advice is don’t buy anything past 8yrs/150k miles no matter what brand. Its likely to have some more expensive repairs/maintenance lurking. The name Honda and Toyota is absolutely meaningless for this over that period I state.

This has been really helpful! May i ask what opinions are out there about a 1999 Mazda B3000 with 100k for $2999? or a
2002 Mazda Millenia S with 72k for $6980?
PT Cruiser 2007 with 34,612 miles for $9999
2003 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS with 60,633 miles for $9951
2003 Mazda Protege with 70,415 miles at $8,550

I am unfamiliar with most of these models so any advice would be helpful!