2007 Dodge Charger - Purrs

My 2007 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7ltr. has been making a strange “PURRING” sound that also has a serious vibration that is in sync with the “PURR.” When I first noticed this issue, it seemed to only occur when I was in idle. But, lately, it seems to begin “purring” the moment I start the car and it will continue the entire duration of any length ride I may be on.

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The sad part is a noise can be one of the hardest (sometimes easiest) things to track down, they can travel and make you think they are in one place when they are really elsewhere on the vehicle…

With that being said, where is the noise coming from?? The engine bay area, below your feet, the back end of the vehicle, the left/right side of the vehicle??

Does the noise change with the engine RPMs or vehicle speed??? Can you do anything like braking, accelerating, letting off the gas to affect the noise???

Can you post a video of the sound??

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You might try using a short length of garden hose to narrow down where the noise is coming from. Purring noises not particularly common by reports here, but I’ve heard a sort of purring noise from my truck’s water pump occasionally; usually the sound-effect starts a few weeks before pump begins to leak. So pay particular att’n to the water pump area, inspect the water pump for small leaks, etc. .

Another idea, recently listened to a Best of Car Talk podcast, caller owning Dodge Caravan said they had a purring noise. Ray suggested it might be the timing chain guides. That was probably an 80’s or 90’s Caravan though, so the timing chain guide design may have changed by 2007.

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I see you used AI to answer the OPs question, didn’t you?

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It’s either AI or cut & paste, IMO.

Anyway… you beat me to it, Mustangman!

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I posted the OP’s exact question to ChatGTP and got nearly the same answer structured exactly the same way!

I’ve tested ChatGTP with historical automotive questions of which I know the answers. 3 out of 3 tries it got the answer wrong. I am not impressed!

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I saw the post this morning and thought it was pretty well structured, I didn’t read it, but compared to lots of 1st time posters, it looked pretty good, again I did not read much of it, but thought it was strange, and then no more posting… So being a Bot makes perfect since…

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I don’t know how to do it, but it would be interesting to give Chat GTP some of the Car Talk puzzlers, see how it does on those. I watched a recent 60 minutes espisode on the AI topic, they gave an AI system a problem, it couldn’t figure it out so it made up an answer and made up supporting references … lol … apparently some of the folks who program AI systems hold to a value system that says if you don’t know the answer, don’t say you don’t know , instead make something up so you don’t lose face.

The last question I asked ChatGPT that created a wrong answer… I told the Bot it was wrong. It made an excuse…And the excuse was BS too!

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Coolant would really need to be spraying , like Old Faithful geyser … lol …

Does the sound change pitch with engine speed or road speed? If not, it could be something as simple as a leaf hitting the blower motor fan.

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