2007 Daihatsu Charade - buying advice for small SUV or similar

good day

i am a first time driver and looking to buy a car i just don’t like tiny cars as i’m really tall so a like the big vehicles but i would prefere something that is an suv type but low maintenance like fuel friendly, and not something that will be too intimidating on the road and i would like to see the road up ahead while driving.

Then you will have to just go look at vehicles because what might be fine for one person you may not like at all.

Test drive a large varieties of cars. If you want fuel friendly, I wouldn’t look at SUVs first. Try full sized sedans, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much leg room they have

Don;t let the person who picked out the Daihatsu help you look. Charade indeed, it was pretending to be a car.