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Looking for a car with a view

I have an SUV and enjoy sitting a bit higher but would like to buy a sedan next time. Is thier a sedan that sits a bit higher than others that usually sit quite low with limited view? Thanks

Many AWD sedans and wagons have more ground clearance and sit a bit higher. Go to local new car dealers, sit in a few cars and see what works best for you. BMW, MB, Audi, VW, etc. offer AWD options on their sedan lines. Find what’s the best fit, then look for a low-mileage, one-owner used car with complete service records. Have an independent mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection before you buy it.


Good ideas. Thanks

How about a crossover such as the Suzuki SX4?

The highly-rated Ford Taurus sits somewhat higher than many other sedans. You might want to try one of these for fit.

I just looked at a Nissan Cube and thought it was cool, although a bit high in price.

Scion also offers a few models with a bit higher seating that are more affordable.

Or, you could stop by the local bookstore and pick up a “Consumer Reports New Car Preview”. That will give you all the options.

While it may help, there’s something to be said about actually seeing it in person, especially viability issues.

Test drive a car with seats you can raise and see if you are comfortable. No matter what you buy, it won’t have the height of a SUV. We’re talking about a few inches, not a foot or more distance as would be the difference between a SUV and a sedan.

AMC Pacer FTW! :wink:

I have a full sized SUV, a Civic, and a T’bird. I don’t get the need to sit higher to have a better view. I can see the road, and the view, just fine regardless of the car I’m driving.

Remember too that a lot of car based SUVs can be had with just front drive to give you the raised feeling w/o the added complexity and cost if AWD is not needed. Higher CRVs, Escapes, RAV4s and others can all be had w/o AWD but with the added height.

It all depends on the specific road conditions.

Where my street meets the county road is at the crest of a hill on the county road. When I used to drive a friend’s '01 Accord (in which you essentially sat on the floor), I frequently had problems seeing oncoming traffic on the county road, and I had a few close calls with people who were driving way too fast.

In my Outback–where I sit a few inches higher than in the '01 Accord–my view over the crest of the hill is better, but not perfect. And, when I am driving my friend’s RAV-4–in which I sit higher than in my Outback–I have no problem seeing the oncoming traffic.

Trust me–there are situations where sitting higher will give you a safety advantage because of better visibility.

See if there’s a new car show somewhere near you in the next several months, go and try out all the ones you might consider, otherwise tour lots of dealers (“just looking”). It’s a very personal thing, how a vehicle fits, and the problem with many new vehicles is the ever-shrinking windows that are common throughout the industry. Many ‘high’ vehicles still have very poor visibility because of the small windows and the large front and rear seat head restraints. Go figure…

I agree. No magazine should be considered a sustitute for a test drive. The value of actually seeing, touching, and test driving cannot be overstated.