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2003 Chrysler Town & Country transmission trouble in the morning

Transmission in my 2003 Chrysler Town & Country (190k miles) has trouble engaging in the morning when cold. After it warms up, it behaves wonderfully. Is it major? Minor? What should I do?

Start looking for a replacement transmission/vehicle.



Have you already verified that the trans fluid is at the correct level?
If you have, then I think that the next step is to take it to an independent trans shop for diagnosis. Just be prepared for the expense of a major trans overhaul, and in the unlikely event that they find it to be something relatively minor, then you can be glad.

Make sure that you don’t go to Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO, because those chain-run places will tell you that it is needs an overhaul even if it is something relatively minor.


The fluid level is low, inspect the transmission cooler hoses at the radiator for leaks.

2 Likes has lots of info about these transmissions. They need ATF+4, nothing else. Your owners manual shows the procedure for measuring the level of fluid in the trans.


You likely have worn seals that swell when warmed. This assumes you have kept up with fluid & filter changes, using only ATF+4.

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