2000 chrysler sebring Car wont start

I have a 2000 chrysler sebring jxi convertible. I was driving it and it lost acceleration. So i pulled over and Turned it off. When i tried to turn it back on it wouldnt start. Someone said it was my fuel pump so i replaced that and it still wont start. Anybody have any ideas on what it could be?

Has the timing belt ever been replaced? If the engine seems to be cranking faster than normal the timing belt may have failed.

Yes its had a new timing belt not that long ago. A new water pump. New brakes, new struts, new power steering hose, and a new fuel pump. A friend hooked up a dianostic computer to it but it said no codes available. It did say my crank and cam sensors are working so im puzzled.

Okay . . . I get the part about codes

But how exactly did the scanner “say” the crankshaft- and camshaft position sensors are “working”

How did your friend determine that?

I’ve seen MANY faulty crankshaft position sensors that never generated any kind of code, yet the engine would stall, not start, or both

When you say “lost acceleration” I suspect you mean the engine was no longer running. In other words, it shut off BEFORE you turned the key to the off position. Correct?

When the engine would no longer start, did the engine at least turn over?

The scanner said yes beside the crankshaft sensor and the camshaft sensor.
And no the engine was still running before i turned it off. I had my gas
pedal all the way to the floor and it just wouldn’t go over 10mph

When the engine was still running, after you lost acceleration . . . did the engine rev up, when you floored the accelerator pedal?

The car started shaking really badly. It was making some noises.

The flashing check engine light meant you had a severe misfire. That is most likely the reason for the shaking. You did the right thing by shutting off the engine as soon as possible

That said, had this flashing check engine light been going on for some time, or just that last time you drove?

Currently . . . does the engine even try to turn over, or do you just hear a strong click at the starter, and nothing else?

When you turn the ignition key to the on position, can you hear the fuel pump buzzing?

It was flashing before the car broke down. But not all the time.

People need to read their owners manual. I have never seen a manual that did not state that "a flashing check engine light means further driving can do major damage. Pull over and shut the engine off NOW!!!

Don’t go to the next exit a mile down the highway. Don’t drive the home that last ten blocks!!!

The flashing Cel put the engine into “Limp Mode” begging you to pull over and have the car towed.

Manufactures need to install a big rubber hand that lunges from the steering wheel and slaps the driver.
Then the speakers blare out "Pull over you fool, I’m about to blow up!


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was water pump and timing belt done as maintenance? and not to fix issues?

There is no way to determine the problem without more information. Did it completely die driving? Or did it just lose power but still run? Will it run now at idle?

I asked OP quite a few questions already, and I think it’s safe to say the engine won’t even start and idle at this point

Bad gas? Did you fill up (esp it was at a different station than you usually do) just prior to this happening? Water in the gas, or possibly accidentally filling w/diesel could cause this symptom.