2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My friend just recently got a new 2007 PT Crusier stick shift for her birthday. She is having this problem were her alarm that indicates a seat belt or car door is open but there is nothing open and is dings several times then stop and then starts up again while her Personal Assistant and friend is driving it(she is visually impaired) she took it to the dealership and nothing happens when they drive it around. Please help thanks

If the vehicle is new as you say, nobody should touch it except for the dealer. She should return in to the dealer and continue to do so until the problemis repaired.

she has already taken it back several times and they act like the are crazy.

You may have to try another Chrysler dealer, but don’t wait too long before you do it. The proposed merger with GM will result in the cessation of Chrysler passenger car production, and as a result, many Chrysler dealers will likely be closing their doors. Yes, GM plans to keep producing the Chrysler mini-vans, but with a smaller product line, I foresee many Chrysler dealers having to close their doors permanently.

The Jeep division will also be retained since it is a popular mineymaker. But I agree the Big 3 have far too many dealers between them. In thinly populated countries like Canada, GM combines Chevrolet, Cadillac and Chevy trucks in one dealership, while Pontiac, Buick, GMC and Hummer go to another. We will likely see something like this in the US. The Saturn division, which never made money, will likely bite the dust as well.

Don’t hold your breath. There is a more than even chance that the deal won’t happen.