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2007 Chrysler Pacifica Air Distribution System Trouble

A couple of weeks ago the fan stopped blowing on the instrument panel setting, just makes a air sucking noise. I can run the fan on feet and defrost but not on the instrument panel selection. I tried vacuuming the air vents and used an air compressor to blow air into the vents and still can not get the fan to work. Does not matter what speed setting the fan is on or if it is on A/C or heat still does the same thing, no change when parked or moving, in the sun or in the shade. I pulled the dash off and looked for any hoses but this car seems to be all electrical. I can not check the in cabin air filter as this is a old fleet model and does not have the latch to unlock the air filter location. Looks like I will have to remove the entire housing to check the in cabin air filter. The A/C seems to be working on the feet and defrost but could this be a sign of low charge on the A/C system? Thanks for any help that any one can provide.

Low charge could only affect the temp not the airflow. You could have a vacuum leak somewhere.

Looks like the selector switch that controls where it blows from has gone bad. Otherwise you have a short. in the 2007, it’s not a vacuum leak, it’s really all electronic. In otherwords, you’ll have to replace that panel since it’s a solid panel.