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2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Hi! My a/c has worked just fine until about 30 minutes ago. Now, there is nothing coming out of the vents in the front, but plenty is coming out of the rear vents. What could this mean? Thanks!

It could (and likely does) mean that your blend doors (doors that route the air through the ducts) are malfunctioning.

The front blower motor or blower resistor has failed. A common problem if equipped with automatic temperature control is for the blower control module connector to burn.

Note; there is a second blower motor in the console for the rear.

I believe i would check the blower motor by jumping it of the battary if that works then i would check the blower moter resiter or module, if thats the problem but start with the h=fuses and relays first.

I have a 2004 and my ac problem started this way then it stopped blowing all together. I had it checked and got the okay. I’m not sure if the heater is affect or not. I thought it was the evaporator coils freezing due to all the humidity??? The window will not even defrost now!