2007 Chevy Trailblazer Headlights go out at random while driving at night

While driving at night time the headlights will go out at random. The marker lights will stay on and the lights will still not turn on if I switch the light switch from “automatic” to “on”. When the lights are out I can use the highbeams while in “automatic” or “on”.

You have either corroded contacts at the headlight bulbs or the bulbs are bad. Replacing the bulbs will most likely fix the issue.

I will pull them and check them, thanks.

If anyone else has any more ideas I’m still all ears!

When Honda Civics had this problem a few years back, there was a recall for faulty light switches.

When the low beams are turned on, the headlight switch sends a signal to the Body Control Module which then energizes the low beam headlight relay which causes the contacts to close in the relay causing the low beams to turn on.

So it could be the headlight switch, the BCM, or the low beam relay that’s causing the problem.


Bad HDM . It is a known issue in these and was even a recall item on certain years, 2007 -8 I believe .

I would hope after 4 years the problem is solved.

The issue wasn’t repaired but the vehicle was traded in long ago

I didn’t realize again it was four years old but for benefit anyway, I do believe there is a separate circuit breaker for the low beams and the high beams. Also parking lights would be on a different circuit. So if you have a problem with one, you can switch to high beams. I would also consider a bad switch as a possible issue that is causing the circuit to overheat and trip the breaker. On my Riv though when I had that problem, I disconnected the twilight sentinel that turned the lights on automatically and all was fine after that. Its kind of a shock driving along and having the lights go out. No good can come of it.