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2007 Chevrolet Uplander- I don't like it

had one 3yr. more repairs done than any ever owned at 77yr.
roof leak every rain,had ever thing but motor replaced. thinking about selling it…IT takes all your money month by month. Never buy one,or a gm product water drain 11-32 drill out orfice in drain line to fix line leak

Manning , would please edit this hard to understand post. All I get out of this is you don’t like your 2007 Uplander which is a 11 year old vehicle.


My rough translation . . .

op owns a 2007 Chevy Uplander

they’ve owned it for 3 years, and are thinking of selling it

op is 77 years old

they feel it’s required an incredible amount of repairs

every time it rains, there’s water inside the vehicle

“everythng” but the motor has already been replaced . . . I seriously doubt this, for what it’s worth

A lot of money has been spent repairing and maintaining the vehicle, over the 3 years of ownership

op intends to never buy another Uplander again, let alone another gm vehicle

to fix the water leaking into the vehicle, they drilled out the drain tube with a 11/32 drill bit

Considering op had a lot to say, but didn’t ask for advice, I don’t see why this was posted in the “ask somebody section” . . . presumably from the sister website?


Great translation from Gibberish to English!