My girlfriend has an 07 Uplander with about 75k on it. In the past she has traded her vehicles in around 45 - 50k, so other than oil changes no maintenance was performed.

Due to economic circumstances, she’s keeping the Uplander for awhile longer. Other than brakes, tires and oil changes no maintenance has been done.

I wasn’t able to locate the manual in the glovebox, so please let me know if I’m missing anything that needs attention.

Change transmission fluid and coolant, air filter, fuel filter, plugs and wires. Anything I’m missing?

It’s important to get a hold of an actual maintenance manual for that vehicle, since they all differ.

You can get a Haynes manual for that vehicle and the front section will deal with normal maintenance; it closely resembles the real thing.

In general, posters here will recommend 40,000 miles for coolant (antifreeze) changes and hose replacements where necessary.

Also, 35,000 miles between transmission (auto) fluid and filter chnages. Brake fluid, if ABS equipped change every 30,000 miles as well or with each brake job. The various differentials on an AWD vehicle should also have their fluid changed at 30,000 miles intervals max.

If vehicle is equipped with platinum or Iridium spark plugs, these are good for at least 60,000 miles. There is no such thing as a “tuneup” anymore. Fuel injectors can easily last 125,000 miles for instance.

Having said all this, if any light comes on, she should take the car in right away and have it diagnosed.

An Uplander should be good for at least 150,000 miles of happy motoring.

Good luck!

You can get a replacement from there for about $40

I feel sorry for whoever is buying these abused vehicles after they’re traded in.

The spark plugs, according the manual on my 2006 Uplander are o.k. until 100,00 miles. The coolant, if it is dex-cool, is supposed to be good for 5 years or 150,000 by the manual, but I changed the coolant to regular green coolant.

From the Uplander’s owner’s manual:

Change automatic transmission fluid 50,000 miles
Replace spark plugs and inspect plug wires 100,000 miles
Engine cooling system service: 150,000 or 5 years
Engine air filter: 50,000 miles

I just sold my Uplander to my son, but I did the air filter at 25,000 and 50,000 miles. I did change the coolant as I stated earlier. Since the engine was running fine at 58,000, I didn’t replace the spark plugs.

I have had a good independent garage do my servicing and followed their recommendations on the coolant. I found the Uplander to be a very reliable vehicle, and would have bought a new one, but GM quit making them in 2008. I purchased a 2011 Toyota Sienna to take its place and I hope it does as well as the Uplander.

The biggest thing would be if it has a timing belt that needs replacement, usually 100k, and the water pump is usually done at the same time.

Chevrolet Uplanders don’t have timing belts. The engines are "old technology with the camshaft in the block and have a timing chain.