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2007 Caliber SXT

Car won’t start, and it isn’t the battery, I’m at work, Help!!! What else could it be?

What does “won’t start” mean? What happens when you try to start it?

What Does, “It Isn’t The Battery” Mean ?

How was that determined?

Does the engine turn over (crank like it does before starting) or are you assessing the battery’s condition by operating the lights, etcetera?

Was an attempt made to jump start it?

Does the key turn?

Do you get anything at all when you turn the key, like a click, a whirr, or anything?

Do the dash lights come to life when the key is turned to “on”?

Automatic or manual? In “park” all the way? Foot on brake? Clutch in?

Jiggled the steering wheel back and forth?