2007 Dodge Caliber Starting Problems

So I have 2007 Dodge Caliber that I’ve had for about 6 months now and haven’t had any real issues with it until today. I drove to work this morning perfectly fine but when I went on my lunch break my car wouldn’t start so I got a jump thinking I might have left a light on or something and it started right up drove fine and I let it run for about 30-40 mins I shut it off and went back to work I came out 4 hours later to go home and it was dead again so I got another jump and bam it started right up drove home which is 10 miles and takes me about 20 minutes I get home turn my car off and go to start it again and it’s dead right after I just shut it off. So what I need to know is what can be causing this I’ve had no problems with stalling or anything that would indicate failure of a part. Please help me out here.

Me thinks you need a new battery . If you are in the US of A your local Auto Zone can check the battery for you . Some of them will even install the new one for you .

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Remove the battery from the vehicle and bring it to a parts store that does free battery checks.


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Yep, batteries that don’t take or hold a charge need to be replaced. I had one just a year old with the charger on all night and was still flat dead.

Agreed , replaced wife’s minivan battery after she drove 15 miles to work and she came out to go home it wouldn’t start even interior lights worked . Put a voltmeter on it and it read like 10 volts , replaced with new Diehard battery and it’s been fine since … Pull battery and look at the manufacture date , if it is more than 6 years old replace it .

If the battery is dead, don’t drive it any more than necessary, as you might be really stressing your old alternator as you’re driving it.

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If battery more than 3 years old, I concur w/above posters, faulty battery is the most likely cause. Could be something else, but that’s where to start.