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My car wont start

Hi! I just bought a 95 acura integra from canada. I havent driven it in a few weeks. It has a lot of stuff in it. An aftermarket engine and intake. Also aftermarket speakers and stereo. It has blue lights installed by the pedals. I have no idea whats going on but now it wont start. I got stuck in town the other day. Any ideas as to whats wrong??? I really love this car. Awesome body kit and everything. I dont wanna sell it!!!

It aslo has a playstation. The guy made it to be like a car from fast and furious.

OK, it doesn’t start. What DOES it do?

Does the engine crank when you turn the key? Crank means go round and round.

DO the lights work? If and when it cranks, does it sound normal or faster or slower than usual?

If it doesn’t crank, do you hear a click click click, or just dead silence?

We need more info to make ANY kind of accurate long distance diagnosis.

I think the OP is bored. Let’s see how long this thread plays out

Well going off the wealth of info posted. I would remove all the aftermarket stuff including the engine. Purchase and install the correct stock items at the dealer also have them correct all the botched wiring from installing all the aftermarket stuff and i bet for about $10-12 grand it will start and run almost like new.

All the special electronics will put a heavy load on the battery and alternator so those items are the first things to check. Next you need to check for a short circuit or a problem in the wiring. You might to take to a custom car audio shop to find the problem.

When you try to start your car, what happens?

  1. you turn the key and it tries to start, but doesn’t.
    “Does the engine crank when you turn the key?”
  2. you turn the key and, nothing?
    “If it doesn’t crank, do you hear a click click click or just dead silence?”

We need to get the cars starter motor to work before we can do anything else.
There is a switch, called a solenoid, that connects your battery to the starter motor. When you turn the key the starter motor should engage and crank the engine over. If it doesn’t and you hear a “click”, the solenoid switch could be the problem. If you hear nothing at all, your battery could be dead.

Go on out there and try it again, let us know what happens when you try to start your car.