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2007 Buick LaCrosse - Converter needed

I have a car from New York State ( which has California catalytic converter ). I cannot find the correct converter on RockAuto or CarID, nor at a dealership in Virginia ( where I now live ). Where do I find one ?

Maybe I am missing something . Why would you need a California converter . Any good muffler shop should be able to put something on that works.

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During that period there were 5 states that adopted California emissions standards, California emissions isn’t just for people living in California.

Dealers generally don’t stock catalytic converters, those are considered slow moving inventory but a dealer should be able to order one. Were you told that the part was discontinued?

There are many areas which require the driver to maintain the emissions equipment that the car came with, even if it’s a California-spec car currently registered outside of California

Hence, replace a defective CARB-compliant cat with a new CARB-compliant cat

Best to find out the regulations in your particular area

Another viable option . . . the better choice, in my opinion . . . is to go to an independent shop which specializes in exhaust fabrication and repair. They know how to locate the parts, and they should be complying with the regulations, anyways. They’ll probably just weld in a cat which meets all the applicable regulations

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