1979 Super Beetle - Exhaust Question


I have a 1979 Super Beetle. It currently has the California cataytic converter exhaust on it.

I have purchased a new non-California stock exhaust, that does not have the catalytic converter. Is there any reason, (performance or other wise) that I would not want to just put on the non-California exhaust, since I do not live in California?

Thanks! Jeff

By '79, I think ALL cars had converters…If you live in a state with no emissions testing, you can use the “standard” exhaust system. If you must submit to an emissions test, check with them to see if your car requires a converter or not…

Removal of emission equipment is not allowed even if your car does not need to be tested, a technicality.

Thanks for the quick responses. My state does not require emissions testing. The car is not a daily driver. Maybe 500 miles per year. I guess I don’t understand why a non-california system could not be installed, since it is stock, and legally sold, and the car is not in California?

Depends on who you know. Neither of my vehicles has catlytic converters. I don’t live in an area that does emissions testing, so nobody cares if you have them or not (as far as state inspection goes) With that said, there are some places around here that will pass your car so long as the horn works and lights turn on.

That exhaust system will also fit a '69 Bug so it’s legal to sell it. Look for an emissions label under the “hood”. If you see the word “CATALYST” then removing the converter is considered “TAMPERING” and is against the law…But it’s your car and you can do what you want with it. I would save the old system in case someone in the future wants to restore the car to “original” condition. The Catalytic exhaust is MUCH harder to find than the standard system…

It won’t hurt anything to run the non-CA exhaust.

Considering your situation, especially the expected annual mileage, I would not worry about it.