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Catalytic Converter

I’ve been told that I need a new catalytic converter and that my car requires one that meets California standards. My car has never been in California. Is there any reason it would require the California cat?

As Far As I Know Some Cars Are Manufactured Meeting California Standards And Some Are Not. If Your’s Is (Sticker In Engine Compartment) Then There You Go.

I had a car for 17 years that was built in Connecticut and I bought it with 6,000 miles on it. It was made to meet California Emission Standards (sticker in engine compartment). Why ? I did some checking and it was born in the east, but spent its first 6,000 miles at Los Angeles International Airport pulling rental car duty. Then it was trucked back east for sale.


All cars today meet emissions standards for all 50 states…but unless you tell us the year of your car it’s tough to answer the question. If it’s a late model, any direct-fit replacement iwll be fine.

If your car is equipped with an emissions system that meets CA requirements then you need to replace parts with equivalent. The underhood emissions decal states whether the car is CA or Federal emissions compliant.

CA has long had air quality standards that are stricter than federal guidelines. As such, cars made for sale in CA have may have more/better/different emissions control devices.

Carmakers don’t really have any way of knowing how many cars will sell in CA or in the other states. You can sell a CA car anywhere, but you can’t sell a federal car in CA. So better to make more CA cars than you need, and sell the leftovers in the other 49 states.

It’s a 2001 Subaru Forester. Decal says it’s compliant with federal and California regulations.