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CA cat converter?

I have '97 Jag XJ6 that needs new catalytic converter. Only one of the 2 cats is bad but dealer will only sell 2 and price is $2500 installed. Car is not worth this repair. Any alternatives to save the car?

What are the symptoms? Low power(plugged cat) or just a check engine light. If it is just a check engine light I have something you can try.

Why are you going to the dealer? I suggest going to a local independent mechanic. You will likely save quite a few pounds.

Take the car elsewhere. You don’t need a dealer for this, and you may not need a new cat, either. Get another opinion.

Thanks for the replies. In California we must go to a special smog garage for these repairs. They did the testing. The cats are sold only by dealers/Jaguar per the smog mech.

Find a used one. S everal other states mandate California emissions (MA for example). You should be able to find one somewhere.

Find out which size engine you have. shows catalytic converters for your car for around $300. This company has a hugh selection of car parts. The listing doesn’t show if the catalytic converters are certified for California. Why not call Rock Auto and ask them, at 1-866-762-5288?

Thanks! That’s great advice. My brother-in-law has a tune-up shop in MA and maybe he can get me the cats.

Thanks! I appreciate the advice. I will call them.