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2007 BMW 116i SE - engine is flooded

My engine is flooded and I was told to take the spark plugs out and put the tips on an open flame and while the plugs are out to crank the engine. If this something I should do or not?

P.s My car is a new 116i se not an m sport. I couldn’t find the normal 1 series option.

Thank you

No do not do this.

Your car is fuel injected, check your manual for a procedure to clear a flooded condition.

Even if you did remove the plugs no need to hit them with a flame.

If your injectors are leaking, cranking the engine with the plugs out would continue to dump excess gas (petrol) into the cylinders.

If your manual does not address this; take, tow or otherwise get your car to a competent mechanic to look at this.


First I suspect you are not in the US of A and that is where most of the regular members here are. You said new 116i so I wonder if that poor advice was from someone other then a qualified dealer mechanic. I think you should at least talk to your dealer.