Fuel injection

is there any way you can flood a jeep liberty fuel injection system?

It is possible to flood a fuel injected car, but if it gets flooded, it usually indicates there is something else wrong with the vehicle. If you suspect flooding, try starting it with the throttle wide open, but if it starts, get off the gas pedal as quickly as possible to avoid engine damage. Major damage will be prevented by the rev limiter, but it is still not good for the engine to rev too high on initial startup.

You can flood an EFI car. Usually only happens when it?s really cold unless there is a problem. The clear flood procedure for most EFI cars is the same as the old carbed ones; hold the gas pedal to the floor and crank the engine. This opens up the throttle plates and tells the ECU to turn off the injectors while cranking.

Another way to flood a fuel injection car is when its ice cold, start the engine, then immediately shut it off, then repeat a couple more times.

With the car shifting to a richer mixture for a cold start, the plugs will become fouled after the second or third attempt at a start.