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2006 US PT Cruiser left stem controller lights issue after Canada headlight module added

I took my USA 2006 PT cruiser into Canadian tire to get a module put on to qualify the car to be used in Canada, specifically headlights coming on with ignition as a requirement. I remember the mechanics having trouble installing the module, saying they tried 3 different modules to get it to work and it still failed. I had to finish the job at a dealer, who ended up resetting the computer. As a result of this light module installation, the left stem controller now doesn’t dim lights properly on the dashboard and never turns on the overhead light. What should I do?
-Frustrated in PT Cruiser Canadian hell.

You should go back to the last place that touched it. Unfortunately, they will probably blame the first place and the first place will say you had someone else do work after them so not their fault. But you have to start with the last place to touch it or suck it up and go elsewhere and pay the piper…

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The dealer service department should be able to diagnose the damage done by the tire shop. Adding a module and tampering with wiring is generally unnecessary with Chrysler products, the daytime running light feature can be switch on with a scan tool on most vehicles.

Concur, last place that worked on it is where to start. Hopefully they won’t play the blame game and just fix it for you.

Probably won’t happen that way tho. Like a few weeks ago I bought a product from a dept store and both the sign on the store shelf and the store ad said it came w/a rebate coupon for $2 each one I bought, which rebate coupon I could use on my next purchase. I bought two, paid, they took my money ok, no coupon for $4. I asked the clerk, she said I must have bought the wrong product. I showed her the store ad. Ok, then she says “look, it says a limit of 2”. I said I only bought 2. This goes on and on … lol . eventually the store manager wonders what’s all the commotion about, says, oh, the computer isn’t working today, and writes me a note saying they’ll give me the coupon later. So don’t give up OP, you’ll get your coupon if you keep pestering them.