That puddle in the bed of my pick-up

I just got a 96 Sonoma. The bed has a sprayed in bed liner in it, which is ok with me. However the trick sits with the front lower than the back and when it rains I get a puddle in the bed up by the cab. I’m considering taking my drill out there and drilling a couple of holes to let the water drain out. The gas tank is down there though and I wonder what other considerations I should account for as well, or if it is even advisable at all.

Any thoughts?


Park facing up hill.  :-)

If it’s sealed with a bed liner, what does it matter if water pools up? If you drill through it, you’re exposing the steel to water, and you’re also letting water run all over you gas tank and whatever’s below the bed. I think you’re good. If you’re that worried about it, rig up some blocks that you can park on to raise the front of the rig.

If you live in Kansas, parking uphill may not be possible. Not really, there are hills here…

Your Sonoma originally had drains in the front edge of the bed. Even without a sprayed on liner they usually plug up over time. If you use the truck to haul anything, water in the bed is a poor idea. The gas tank is not mounted snug up to the underside of the bed. You should be able to drill a couple of 1/4" holes near the front corners without hitting it, but crawl under there for a look-see first. You’ll be back there to spray a bit of paint into the holes, preferably from underneath, to protect he holey areas from rust.

To safely drill a drain hole just get drill bit of wanted size, install in drill and cut a piece of copper tubing to slip over the bit. Leave the drill bit about a 1/4’ longer that the tubing so your drill will stop before it hits a tank or any wiring. LEE

I have one of those plastic bedliner inserts in the bed of my truck. Whenever it rains it fills up. So I took advantage of it and installed a heater and whirlpool motor and use it for a hot tub.

But seriously, it empties out as soon as I drive it and has never been a problem. I guess it depends on how much it bugs you, but drilling holes seems unnecessary.

Joe Guy, what a great idea! You could go commercial with a mobile spa. People, particularly, the ladies, wouldn’t have to go miles to a spa, just call your mobile spa service. Wow! Genius!

Hate to burst your ‘bubble’, but ‘Pimp my ride’ did that a long time ago for real. They put a duelie under the guy’s p/u to handle the extra weight. Pretty funny.

If you plan on keeping this vehicle for awhile, you might want to buy and install a tonneau cover on it.

Just get underneath it and see where the spray on went through and then go back on top and cut some of the coating away and your drains will work again.

How about a 12V electric bilge pump? That would be fun:)