2006 Toyota Tacoma heavy front end shake

I have 2006 Toyota Tacoma with over 135,000.miles on it. Except for an entire frame replacement, nothing major has gone wrong with the truck. It still looks and runs great. My issue is that once in a while I get heavy front end shake at exactly 60 MPH. It is hard to keep my hands on the steering wheel. I have had both front wheel bearings replaced, even though I was told they did not look bad. I have also had the wheels replaced with new OEM wheels and I also got new tires. It can happen when the truck is cold or hot ( brakes, bearings). It only happens at 55 to 65 MPH and once it stops it will not happen again that trip. It just goes away. Could you please give me an idea what may be causing this issue? When it happens I can’t help but to think about all the money I have thrown at this problem. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Rotate the tires from front to back. If the problem goes to the back (or to the front if it’s in the back now), the problem is wheel and tire related.

If not, it is likely it is something else—suspension for instance. Start there.

You could also have a bent rim or a driveshaft where the weight fell off or is out of balance.

First, I admire your opinion that nothing major has gone wrong if it required a frame replacement. Reason? The statement of your problem invites the assumptions that this problem was not apparent before the frame replacement, that replacing the wheels, tires and bearings made no difference and that you cannot replicate the condition at will, i.e. that it just happens. You say nothing about how the vehicle tracks, how the front tires wear or if this is 2 or 4WD. (At 60 mph this truck should not be in 4wd) The best I can do with the information at hand is suggest that someone go over the entire front end. Losing control at 60 mph is no joke. And I don’t believe it knows enough to just happen once. You’ve been lucky so far. Stop replacing parts and figure out what is going on.

Rusty frame recall, Toyota replaced frames on thousands of trucks.