Tacoma rocking problem

At speeds of above 60 mph, my 99’ 4x4 Toyota Tacoma starts rocking from side to side. The only way to stop the rocking is to slow to 55 mph or less.

The rocking is very noticeable and can be viewed by cars around me on the freeway. We’ve changed the tires and had the wheels balanced.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Sway Bar?? Shocks??? Control Arm Bushings???

This really sounds like a broken or disconnected Anti-Sway bar. Even if the anti-sway bar is intact, on many vehicles there are vertical links that attach the bar to other suspension components. If the Tacoma has these vertical links, be sure to check them, as well as the bar itself.

This can be caused by worn shocks. Shock absorbers is really a misnomer. They should really be called spring dampeners because that’s what they do. They dampen the actions of the springs.

To find out if the shocks are worn, go to each corner of the vehicle and push down and release so that corner starts to oscillate up and down in a rythmic manner. When that corner is moving up and down pretty good, release that corner. If the shocks are good, that corner should come up and stop. If it still oscillates up and down once or twice after releasing it, it pretty well indicates that shock is worn.


I actually had the shocks replaced about a year ago. After driving Alaska’s highways and backroads, the shocks were pretty worn out! I was hoping it would fix the problem, but no luck…

Interesting…I hadn’t thought about the sway bar…I was focusing on the shocks. I’ll check it out. Thanks!