2006 Toyota Corolla - Do I have a turbo?

does my car has a turbo engine?

Raise the hood so I can see the engine .

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No it doesn’t unless someone installed an aftermarket turbo. There’s supposed to be a turbo Corolla coming as a 2022 model but to the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been one up to now.


Is the OP the second or third owner of this Corolla?

Seems like a post from a 16 year old kid trying to win an argument!


Not positive but I think some places other than the US of A did have Corolla’s with a Turbo Diesel .
It seems like there would be a marking in the engine somewhere to say what the engine is .

Or look to see if the engine has spark plugs.


Several years ago, I saw an old Corolla sporting a Turbo badge. More than likely, he found that accessory in aisle 9 at Walmart.

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The U.S. spec models did not come with a turbo. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, your Corolla doesn’t have a turbocharger.
The Japanese model (which is smaller and visibly different from the U.S. Spec model) could have a turbocharged 1.5L engine in the GT-trim models, but that model started in 2009.
The European models could have small Turbo-diesels.

OP should use Google to see what the turbo mechanism looks like. It’s often easily visible in a turbo engine compartment. Sort of looks like a big snail shell, 5 inch or more in diameter, with fairly large hoses running to and from it. You might can see something spinning when the engine is running too.

Is your Corolla a gasoline engine or diesel version?

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Based on the OP’s English skills then I’d say that’s a distinct possibility.

Thanks. I hadn’t thought in terms of non-U.S. models.

The 2023 GR Corolla hatchback will have a 268 hp turbo-3.

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