2006 Toyota Camry LE with 118K, A/C not consistently cold....normally hot

As it has been getting warmer here in NC, I have needed the A/C in my 2006 Camry LE with 118K miles. Most of the time when it blows it is not cold so I put a thermometer a few inches into the middle vents and closed all others. On rare occassion, the temperature will be as low as 45F but normally is between 65F-75F. Opened up all vents and temp stays the same in the middle. However, I compared the passenger side to the driver side and it’s always a minimum of a 10F difference with the passenger side being cooler. Could this be a blend door or something else minor ? I don’t hear any clicking like I have heard in previous cars when the blend door was bad. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Yes it coul be the blend door. But I suspect your system is low on refrigerant. Best to take it into a shop and have it checked.