2007 Toyota Camry LE rough idle in the summer with the A/C on

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I spent over 3 years bringing the car to the dealer to try and fix what I felt and still feel is a problem with the car. In the heat of the Phoenix, AZ summer with the A/C on the car has the following occur - when idling in neutral or park the engine RPM goes from 500 to 700 and then back to 500 on a 2 second cycle. The 4 cyl engine does not like 500 and at that RPM the entire engine vibrates quite badly. The car dealer tried to fix the car with the help of the factory technicians to no avail. They once replaced the computer - declared that the problem was fixed and at the first stop light the engine idle issue occurred. After 3 or so years I was told that this was “within factory specifications”. It is disturbing that Toyota would consider this to be acceptable since every time I get to a stop light I think the car is going to die (it never does) in the summer. The dealer once took an identical Camry (same year and engine) and placed my can next to it and admitted my car had the rough idle and the other car did not but they never figured out why. I asked them to send the car off to a factory location when they could connect the computer to a computer harness and determine exactly what the computer is seeing and why - perhaps- the computer is changing the idle. They said that they would not do this. I also expressed concern that this excessive vibration could damage the engine or other parts in the engine compartment and I have had several problems. One fixed under warranty was an A/C leak. My water pump leaked at a relatively early mileage. Now I burn a quart of oil every 1200 miles (which started around 75,000 miles) which is very unusual for a Toyota. Anyway I was wondering if any other Toyota Camry 2007 or later owner has seen the same issue.

i have the exact same issue and also went thru the dealer BS and lies. they also had another camry next to mine and never said why mine is vibrating. its an obvious idle too low issue and then they blamed injectors need cleaning, throttle body needs cleaning, i did notice there is no serviceable idle control valve, i believe its built into the throttle body. im about to go with a new throttle body, have you done this yet? i also use oil, engine was rebuilt at 75000 for oil consumption. it returned 50000 miles later!! we also have a clicking or pinging noise while feathering the gas pedal. i was also going to try a new ecu. but i see you had that done and did not solve it. it has to be the idle control valve(built in) when i disconnected the battery during the throttle body cleaning and forced a relearn it ran great(5-10 mins) until it relearned!!

Four new engine mounts usually satisfies someone who is sensitive to vibrations however technicians are sometimes reluctant to offer this as a remedy because they fear that after a $1000 repair the customer will still be dissatisfied with the idle quality.

Unfortunately someone turned left in front of me in July 2014 and they totaled the car. I guess that solved my problem. I bought a Hyundai Elantra. As for your question - no they never did the throttle body. As you noted they did replace the ECU - told me the issue was fixes - and at the first stop light I had the rough idle issue. I know there was an issue with the car and Toyota never fixed it. As I said they took an identical car and ran mine and that one next to each other - took lots of measurements - and never explained what was going on with mine. In answer to the engine mount suggestion - I am afraid this will not solve the issue since the idle goes up and down - down too far for the engine to run properly. Good luck. Thanks.