2006 suburban front ac fan quit



front ac fan quit, fuse is good, need help in isolating whether fan control is bad, or relay, or other problem. AC works, just no circulation.


Ignore anything Star says. He’s the resident troll and is purposely steering people down the wrong path with bogus info.

I assume you mean the inside cabin fan here so the first thing to do is check all of the fuses.
An '06 is a bit young for a worn blower motor and blown fuse but depending on the mileage it’s possible anyway.


Richard, pay no attention to what Star says about slogging the compressor. He is referring to non automotive systems and is a problem on this board.

The advice about checking the voltage at the blower is good. Check the ground. Jump the blower directly to the battery. Jump the relay socket. You could also check operation of the relay by seeing if it pulls in when control voltage is applied. Often there are identical relays in the box so you could try swapping one out for the blower relay if that is the case.


I have had this problem on older GM cars it was the main splice where much of the car systems are powered from it would get cruddy and become resistive it is located under the hood on top of the motor on the right side and terminates a a bunch of wires with a large tapped bundle, but like I said that was on older models, but the problem sounds the same. What I did was solder them togeather and presto no more problem


look for burnt wires where they plug into the blower motor, i have fixed several that were and they have a kit for it, that may or may not be the problem but it wouldnt hurt to check it out.and if it 2006 why are you working on it unless it is over on mileage it should be a warranty issue.


actually let me correct myself the wires at the blower motor resistor not the blower motor


2006? Take it back to the dealer for warranty service.


This is the best suggestion so far.



Unless it has more than 36000 miles then it’s out of warranty.

How many miles does it have?