2003 Honda Accord, AC Fan no-blow

Alabama + July + No AC = Hell.

Our accords air stopped getting cold about 4 months ago, early Spring.

It was no big deal because the weather was nice back then.

Then, less than a month later, the air started working again! And I didn’t even have to get my hands dirty.

Assuming I had a self-healing car, I never gave it another thought.


The AC has worked perfectly since the self-healing, but today, the fan will not blow at all.

Now, I am no mechanic but I have done some minor repairs on a car before (Changing a thermostat, flushing a radiator, cleaning out a throtle body, etc) so if the fan is bad on my accord, I am assuming it is easy enough for a novice like me to do…

Or am I wrong?

Why are you assuming the blower motor is bad? Does it work on any speed, or not at all?

Have you checked the fuse for the blower?

Turn the ignition to the run position so the dash lights come on. Set the fan speed on high. Under the passenger side of the dash, tap on the blower motor with the handle of a screwdriver. If the blower starts working, the bushings in the blower motor are worn, and the blower motor requires replacing.


I am assuming because that’s what I do :slight_smile: Having little knowledge in this area…

Would this fuse be in the cab or under the hood?

Does this fuse only control the blower fan or any other items in the car?

I doubt the blower motor is bad though it is possible you may have to replace it. I would suspect a couple of other things before a bad motor. First is the fuse and second is the blower relay. They are both located in the panel under the hood. Fuse 21 is a 40A fuse. Make sure power is getting through those areas. Using a test light probe to test with will show you what is going on.

If those things are ok then there may be a problem with the solid state speed controller that regulates the motor speed.

Wow, thanks Cougar!
FWIW, I checked the fuses on the drivers side that I suspected were the blower motor fuse.
I couldnt make out which would refer to the motor so I called Honda to ask them. After being on hold for 10 minutes they told me it was one labeled some odd acronym like IG something. I think it was number 30, or 32… in any case, it was a 7.5 amp and it was fine. I wasnt sure which fuse to check under the hood but I will go now and try your other fuse suggestions…
oh, I also turned the key to the ON position and hit the blower a few times… nothing. The compressor does come on though, just no fan.

looked at fuse #21. to my knowledge it looked good. I swapped it out with another 40A fuse and still no luck.
Which is the motor relay? Is it the one next to it? Labeled with a picture of a fan?
If it is, and I take it out, am I looking for anything in particular to tell whether or not it is busted or not?

As for the solid state speed controller… I think I need a Haynes manual… or maybe I am in over my head :frowning:
thanks again!

Not sure what a “test light probe” is :frowning:

Fuse 30 supplies power to the coil of the blower relay while fuse 21 supplies power to the blower motor through the relay contacts. I’m not sure about which relay is which. The relay you refer to could be the correct one but it could be for the cooling fan instead. If the relays look the same you could try swapping them to see if the relay is bad. You may be able to verify the correct relay by touching it and have someone turn on the blower. You should be able to feel the vibration of the action inside it.

A test light probe looks similair to a ice pick with a wire tied to the handle and a light inside the handle. You clip the wire end to ground and then touch the probe tip to the electrical connection you want to test. If power is there the light turns on. A very simple but practical tester. They are cheap to purchase and parts stores carry them.

It makes a difference if the engine is a V6, or a 4 cylinder. Which is it?
With the V6, power for the blower comes through a power transistor.

This page from www.autozone.com shows what the relays look like. Go to the site, register, come back, and click here > http://www.autozone.com/autozone/catalog/search/searchResults.jsp?searchText=relay&_requestid=1736354 to see the picture of the relays.

4 cyl… so by this you are saying it CAN NOT be my transistor?