It all started with the check engine light

I could smell coolant coming into the cab, but no leaks. was told it was burning off before it hit the ground…gaskets need to be replaced. took it in for a smoke test to detect the leak and this is what has come back so far leak is coming from the back…and by the way this needs to be fixed knock sensor $900, EMC $570, EVAP $296, and they haven’t even addressed the coolant issue. I need help, single mom and I just don’t have this kind of money!

Drive as fast as you can away from that shop!!!
If light is not flashing which means do not drive far till fixing and you are not adding a bunch of water this is what I would do.
Call up shop and ask what codes showed up from light,write down. Ask them if they tested parts they say need replacing and how they tested.
Write it all down or better yet record call.
Post what they said and year,engine size,mileage,repairs in the past and how it is running.
While the great people on here try to help you call all friends ask anyone you see for a good local repair shop, no tire,trans or chain shop unless you know them well.
Do not drive any more that you have to and keep good check on water and oil levels.

Model year, mileage??? engine size?? Are you required to pass an emissions test??

Thanks for the advice, I kinda of thought that when I asked him labor must be high and he said “not really” Then I did some research online about the cost for the senors and they are pretty cheap and not to mention they most likley plug in…I will be picking up the truck today and see what I can do to record the call before I do that. I will keep you posted on the outcome. THANK YOU AGAIN!