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2007 GMC Yukon - Why do my headlights keep failing?

I have problems with my head lights, keep replacing them, they go out after a week or two.

Do you have the correct sized fuse installed in the fuse box?

I would imagine that the repair shop would have checked, since Ive taken it in muliple times for the issue. I will have someone else check them. Thank you!

If the lights are going out in 2 weeks, I’d suggest the mechanic is touching the bulb glass. That’s a no-no. oil from your fingers will cause the bulb to fail. Or maybe they are putting in the wrong bulb. Maybe find a better mechanic?

I agree completly with finding another mechanic, they are just through who my warranty is through. They keep telling they can’t find anything wrong and that sometimes the bulbs just don’t last very long. SMH

Bull Cookies! These folks are liars and incompetent. They are wasting your time, even if it doesn’t cost you anything. If it does cost you, dump them. Replacing bulbs is not expensive, just pay for it.

You are unfortunately finding out just how useless extended warranties can be.

You didn’t actually mention taking it to a repair shop, that would’ve been helpful information! Anyway, I’m 100% in agreement with the advice @Mustangman is giving you. Btw, bulb replacement is typically not too hard to do yourself…it might be cheaper too! If you buy yourself a box of Nitrile gloves (cheap at Walmart or a medical supply store, and they’re good to have in a first aid kit anyway) you won’t have to worry about skin oil getting on the bulb