2006 Sentra Sometimes does not start

Nissan Sentra Spec V, 199k miles, 6 speed manual transmission.

Issue: Vehicle sometimes does not start. I push the clutch in, turn the key, then I hear nothing. I keep trying, then eventually it starts right up like nothing happened. What could be the cause? When the key is on position, all accessories are getting power, radio, dash, headlights. Just nothing happens when I try to start (accessories are off when in start position but that’s normal).

It can’t be the battery as the lights turn on bright and the engine cranks strong when it does start.

The starter was replaced about a year ago, so I’m hoping it’s not the starter.

I’m thinking it might be the ignition switch? Any other possible causes?


The clutch pedal inter-lock switch may be out of adjustment or faulty.

This switch prevents the starter from operating unless the clutch pedal is depressed.

This switch is located above the clutch pedal.