Starting issue

My Nissan sentra will start on the coldest day, but now that it’s getting warmer it sometimes won’t start! Turn the key and I have power to everything, but engage the starter and nothing! Not even a click! Try and try and eventually it starts. What could cause this??

Manual, push down harder on the clutch.

Automatic, try starting in neutral or just wiggle the stick with the key in the start position.

here’s something odd I noticed today…it’s cold today, went out, parked in the sun, came out later, still cold outside, but the sun heated up th interior and the car wouldn’t start. Opened up the car, the interior cooled and it started! What the heck would cause this??

Next time sit in passenger seat, put your right hand on your head and with your left hand twist the key! If it starts then,you will know it’s a coincidence.

The trouble is most likely with the safety switch for the starter circuit. It would help us to know what type of transmission you have. If you have a manual then the switch is most likely mounted above the clutch pedal.

automatic transmission.

Since you have an AT then the safety switch might be mounted to it possibly or near the shifter.

I believe that Nissans also have a starter interlock switch in the driver’s seat. No driver, no start. You should be able to access the wiring for this under the seat. Use a jumper across the chassis end of the cable after unplugging the seat end. If the car starts, well, I’d guess that’s the problem! No guarantees, but easily worth the try.