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Starting problem 2002 hyundai elantra 5 speed manual

Not often but sometimes when I turn the ignition key, nothing happens, no clicking noise, panel lights are displayed but it will not start. So I wait a few seconds, push in the clutch again, turn the steering wheel and turn the key several times and its starts. My battery is a brand name type and it is three years old.

One possibility is a failing switch at the clutch pedal - if you crawl down there and inspect you’ll likely find a little push button-type switch, probably above the pedal shaft. Its a safety device that won’t allow the car to start without having the clutch down. If its getting tired or is gunky it might not be working right.

I agree. The clutch interlock switch is the first thing to check.

Yea, that sheds light to the mystery.

I had a 1983 Buic (the k fell off) skyhawk that did this. The switch went bad. I ending up taping the wires together, but that was on a 12 year old college car. But the behavior is exactly the same