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1998 Nissan Sentra starter problems

I just purchased a 98 Sentra, and it has had the ignition replaced, a new starter, but they bipassed the silinoid with a push button starter switch. I got the car to start 2 or 3 times, but now, all it does is click at the starter.

Please explain WHY you would buy a '98 Nissan Sentra (or any other vehicle) when you knew the starter solenoid had been bypassed with a “push button starter switch.”

Please, please, please.

We’d really like to know.

First of all I want to thank you for your knowledge, evidently you dont know squat. Seems to me you are one of those people who sit back and read those threads, and make stupid comments. The car was bought for $1000.00, because of financial reasons. The car also runs and drives great. The problem like I said is the starter. If you know anyone who can help me with this problem, please ask them to answer my question…Thank you.

“The problem like I said is the starter.”

Alright, then replace the starter.

Before you do that though, I’d make sure your battery and the connections are ok.

The starter has been replaced and a new ignition switch put it. The battery is fine also.

If the battery is in fact good, and the starter is in fact good, then it leaves only the wiring and connections. One of those connections is the “push button starter switch.” If that switch isn’t rated for the current it has been seeing, it’s possible the contacts inside the switch are not making good contact to engage the selenoid. There is nothing else in the system to go wrong if it sounds like it is trying to start. I’d start jumping across wires/connectors until you find the weak link.