2006 Scion xB rear brakes and serpentine belt replacement - estimate too high?

Any thoughts on this quote? It seems a bit high, but this is my first car after 20 (!) years and I keep finding conflicting information. After inspection, the mechanic suggested my rear brakes are at 2mm and would need replacement. The belt is very squeaky upon acceleration and that needs replacement too. The quote was $630 for rear brakes, and $320 for the belt, labor and tax included. A bit steep or average?

try another place, seems too high for me, especially the $30 belt and 5 minutes to put it on.


Seems high to me, too. How did you find this mechanic? Your Scion was made by Toyota, nothing unusual about it. I’d do a search on google and yelp for independent mechanics near you, also check with friends/relatives for their recommendations.


We don’t know labor rates in your area, but that does seem high, especially the belt (unless they’re doing something else besides a belt replacement at the same time??)

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what all is being replaced?
Just the belt? Just the brake pads?

are they doing a tensioner and idler pulley as well? are they replacing brake rotors or drums, too? YOU haven’t given us enough info, but you don’t feel comfortable with this estimate, so feel free to get a second opinion- just make sure when you compare that you are comparing apples to apples. One estimate may be more, but that one also may be doing more work. Compare labor hours and parts estimates to each other

Thanks for the reply. They are AAA approved, I a friend said they do a good job. However, the prices seem a bit too steep.

Thanks, eddo. They are replacing rotors and pads. Definitely going to get a second opinion.

No, it’s just the belt. I think I will get a second estimate just to make sure

I definitely would…$320 for the belt by itself is highway robery

I bet they’re replacing more than the belt, like idlers/etc, as noted above. So we’d need to know exactly what was in the cost estimate.

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I’ve paid around $500 for new rotors and pads, both front and rear, on a Honda, and I think it was around $100 for the serpentine belt.

I know a Honda isn’t a Scion/Toyota…but I’d say that estimate is at least 50% too high.

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Not in my opinion

If you want quality parts, it isn’t too high

But if all somebody cares about is rock bottom prices . . . which often/usually means cheap parts of low quality . . . then, yes, the price is too high

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