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2006 Scion tC noise when accelerating

All of a sudden I have a sound of marbles in a tin can when I accelerate or put the car in gear. It does not make this sound in park or neutral.

Is the check engine light on? How many miles on the car? Have you changed the brand of gas you buy lately?

The check engine light is not on. I have 60,000 miles, car is used only a few times a week the go 60 miles of highway driving. Yes I just bought gas from a station I never used because I was running low on fuel.


I’d say based on that, you got a tank of bad gasoline. What you may be hearing is detonation caused by the poor fuel. As soon as you make a little room in the gas tank, I’d put in some premium fuel to add a little octane. Do that until the noise goes away.