2006 Scion tC maybe bad gas?

I have a 2006 scion tc. I got gas and noticed that night that it was driving jerky and hesitating. The dealership and another mechanic said it was probably bad gas & to drive the tank of gas down and put in gas line antifreeze. I did this and have gotten gas twice since then. The car is still running really jerky and I don’t know what to do. The check engine light is on with a code of all 4 cylinders misfiring randomly. Can anyone help me?

Either the dealer or an independent mechanic should follow the trouble-shooting and diagnostic procedures associated with a random misfire code to determine whether the problem is ignition or fuel related. When the cause is determined it can be fixed.

Guessing, or blaming the misfire on “bad gas,” won’t fix the car.

The dealership and the mechanic probably meant that they HAD bad gas. You need to take it to a mechanic for the problems it’s displaying, and don’t mention bad gas.