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2007 Scion tC - Fuel Mileage Shot

I have a 07 scion tc and it is the absolute best vehicle I’ve ever had the privilege of driving. I mean seriously i love this thing more than my wife!! Lol jk!!! But the issue im having is gas loss. When i purchased the vehicle 2 years ago it had exactly 200000 miles. It ran like a brand new car for the first year and now my gas is slowly disappearing. Ive got new tires, change oil every 3000 etc… I just don’t know what my problem could possibly be. It only takes 25 to fill her up and i dont leave town for work.

Please explain.
Someone stealing it?
Leaking ?
Gas mileage down?

Phil . if you want to get any help then you are going to need tp post more information. Do you actually check your fuel mileage the proper way or are just guessing about how much you use . Is the check engine light on ? Also 3000 mile oil changes might be a little excessive . 5000 miles or every 6 months should be just fine.

What kind of mileage are you actually getting? And what was your methodology for determining this?
Is the check engine light on?

This car apparently has over 200k on the clock, when was the last time the spark plugs and/or wires were replaced? When was the fuel filter last replaced?

If the fuel system is leaking, you would smell it. Maybe the injectors might be faulty. We need more information to help you.

Maybe not, if he does only short-hop local driving:

In any event, the OP needs to provide a lot more information in regard to:

The maintenance of this vehicle (Hint: It involves a lot more than just oil changes)
His actual gas mileage
How far he drives to work
Whether the Check Engine Light is lit-up

If your fuel economy suddenly got much worse, a stuck thermostat is one possibility to investigate.

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Additionally, if the OP bought new tires with a higher rolling resistance than the old ones, that could explain at least part of the (unspecified) drop in gas mileage. Even if the tires weren’t changed, severely underinflated tires can reduce one’s gas mileage. Has the OP checked his tire pressure?

I guess Phil44 only wanted to make a statement. Hence, no replies to our questions.