2006 Saturn lurches

I drive a 2006 Saturn Ion standard transmission with 93000 miles on it. Lately it has been randomly lurching, almost as if it is stalling. This happens when the car is in gear, not during shifting, and is not isolated to any particular gear. The check engine light will flash, but does not stay on and doesn’t report a code. The local GM dealer replaced the ignition switch module (which they said failed and reported a code), but the lurching recurred within a couple days. Any ideas on things to check? I’ve had the car back to the dealership and they swear they’ve checked everything it could possibly be and everything looks good to them.

Who scanned it for error codes and with what? If the light flashed/came on then there were codes. Even if the light goes away they are still stored in history. Not all scanners will pick these up. Most dealerships should have the equipment to pull these codes and you did mention that one was thrown during some testing. Report all of the info you have.

Unfortunately without a code there are just lots of things to randomly guess at. E.g. crank sensor, fuel pump on last legs, mechanical engine issues causing compression loss, general power system issues (e.g. alternator on its last legs)…

The Chevy dealership service department looked at it, and I don’t know what they used to scan it- I took it back to them twice after I had a “lurch” with the check engine light coming on very briefly and they said there weren’t any codes. I am planning on taking my car in one more time, and I will ask more detailed questions.