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06 Ion stalling at stoplights?

I bought a 2006 Saturn Ion quad coupe 7 months ago. In the spring I noticed whenever I came to a complete stop after starting my car, the engine would die but everything else would stay on. Then over the summer it stopped but started again this fall. It shudders as soon as I am almost completely stopped and then stalls. Now it’s doing it more often, sometimes several times in one drive. No lights come on, except the key gets stuck in the ignition every once in awhile. Help! Are these two connected, or what is causing the stalling?

Try first cleaning the idle air control valve and seating (use carburateur cleaner), and possibly replace the part if there is no improvement. I assume the CED is not lit.

I cannot say for sure, but it sounds as though you could have a problem with your lockup torque converter or the programming of your transmission control module. An idle air control issue is more likely to cause stalling on initial startup than upon slowing to a stop while driving. I have heard of similar complaints about this model having programming issues with the transmission. A friend of mine came to me with a similar issue on her Ion, and I sent her to a transmission shop. I don’t know what they did to fix it, though, since she never told me the outcome of the story. Hopefully someone with more detailed and current information can chime in, as I have been out of the repair industry for a few years now.

Your key getting stuck in the ignition is not likely connected to your driveability problem. That is more likely to be a problem with your park/neutral safety switch, solenoid for same, or a mechanical issue with your lock. If you have a heavy keychain, I suggest doing what you can to lighten it as much as possible. A few keys and a couple keychains is fine, but a custodian’s collection of keys or a dozen dangly baubles is not okay.

GM (And A Few Other Manufacturers) Have Many Technical Service Bulletins On The Benefits Of Selecting Only Top Tier Gasoline To Prevent Drivability Problems Of This Nature.

I’d try some Chevron Techron (auto parts store) in the gas tank, following directions on the bottle, and switch to Top Tier gas if you don’t use it already. See if it makes any difference at all.


To avoid confusion, Top Tier is a detergent package, not premium unleaded. Here’s a list of retailers that sell Top Tier gasoline:

Thanks, I Probably Should Have Explained For Those Not Familiar. I Use Shell Because That’s The One Available In My Desolate Neck Of The Woods.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Top Tier is discussed in that Saturn’s Owner’s Manual. It’s in all of my GM cars’ documents.