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Saturn Ion 2006 No start turns into Will not turn off

I have a 2006 Saturn Ion 2, 4dr sedan, standard transmission with 98,000 miles. Approximately 6 months ago we started having the “no start no crank, wait ten minutes” problem. It happened 4 times over the 6 months, yesterday being the last time. This morning, we had the “the key is stuck in the igniton with the engine running” problem. I’m sure they are two different problems but related in some way. Any deas?

My first guess is, this sounds like bad keys from the Worlds Largest Retailer.

Did you just get the keys copied at the market or wallyworld?

If so, the key was made poorly.

Otherwise, it is a lock issue. Saturn has had a run of bad lock designs, but the 06 ION hss a newer lock design, that is shared with all GM divisions. So far we have not seen a rash of trouble from this redesign.

The key has a chip embedded, and if you got an aftermarket, battery powered key that is “faking” an RFID chip ( Thanks WALMART and ACE HARDWARE ), this coudl be the no start issue.

IF the key has the Original logo on it, then the lock might well be slighly boogered.

Take to a great locksmith, such as moi !

Be ware of phony locksmiths. Scam is international in scope. Use a reputable firm, not just one with a YP ad…check out the firm FIRST

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Thanks for the reply, Jeff!

We have two keys that came with the car and one that we got from Wallyworld. The one from Wallyworld is the one that got stuck. That problem was repaired (hopefully) today with a new Ignition Lock Cylinder and are using the original keys.

Thanks again,