2006 Saturn Ion won’t start

Car won’t start it cranks and is getting gas

Possibly crank shaft position sensor.
You will get more, usually quicker responses, posting under the
maintenance/repair category rather that the ask someone category.

Some of these posts originate from the Car Complaints web site and the esteemed Moderator Carolyn moves them . I don’t think people even know they are posting on the Car Talk Community.

@cdaquila Carolyn , am I wrong about the Car Complaints web site leading to here ? I thought that Car Complaints was part of Discourse .

I am aware that they are alleged to come from car complaint site, problem is that ask someone is not listed on car complaints.
That was noted on another thread when I posted the maintenance/repair comment.

Obviously the people posting at car complaints can find the Ask someone posting box, it is at the bottom of the page after the specific complaints.

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Nope, only “add a complaint”
Mystifying how people find it.
Just went there again no category or link.
Just add a complaint.

Ask someone;

Okay, that works. That is a lot of hoops to jump through to get to the ask some category.

@Nevada_545 is correct. if they’re browsing car complaints and fill out the widget, it spits out the question classified as an Ask Someone post. We then retitle them and delete if necessary. I don’t delete many these days because people chime in on them first.