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2006 PT Cruiser A/C

My '06 Pt Cruiser A/C works fine @ speed, but idling and @ stop lights it blows moist warmish air and idles roughly. Does anyone else have this problem?

Clean the IAC and that should raise the idle. Are the plugs and wires are good? Also, maybe the R134A refrigerant is low, but first I would start with fixing the rough idle.

Inspect the radiator/condenser fan operation. The fan motor or relay may have failed.

I’ll check out IAC and relays, I hope fan does not need replacing. Some web sites seem to suggest fan drawing too much power is problem.

I’d also make sure there is no crud blocking up the condenser coil in front of the radiator. A strong garden hose spray can flush out dirt, leaves, and debris.

Fans are electric and will not slow engine. Here is a schematic of the fan.

I cleaned the IAC with MAF cleaner and replaced wires and plugs, 95% success, idles normally 95% of the time. Ordered new IAC suspect old one failing as it worked well after cleaning, but still falters at times.

Thanks for letting us know what happened. Keep us informed.