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2009 PT Cruiser A/C doesn't work at Idle-Is it definitely the fan?

A/C works fine when moving. At idle, it doesn’t work. Fan is not spinning. Is it definitely a bad fan or is it a possivble fuse/switch/module?
Anyone know how difficult it would be for a novice to replace the fan?

The fan is supposed to come on high on most cars when the AC is on. I bet your car has two fuses for the fan (high and low) and also two relays for those speeds and the high speed relay is bad. While driving, you’re getting good air flow around the condenser so the AC works. When sitting still there isn’t any air flow since the fan is not working and subsequently it doesn’t cool at all.
You do need to fix this as that fan does need to properly cool the engine with the AC on.

Look at the under the hood fuse compartment and see if you can identify the fan fuses to see if one of them is blown. In that same compartment there may very well be two relays that control the fan. The high speed relay could be bad. They may have hidden these relays somewhere else, most likely in something that looks like a fuse box. Most likely they’ve labeled them with something like FAN HI/FAN LO.
Once you find them, see if they look the same. They could very well have identical part numbers because they perform the similar function. With a sharpie, mark where they were located - ie. mark the one located in the FAN HI socket, “FAN HI”, etc. This is so there will be less confusion later, when you may need to replace the relay and forget what was located where.
If they are the same parts, for test purposes only, swap the high and low fan speed relay to see if the fan now comes on sitting still with the AC running. If so, buy a new relay and swap it in.
If it does not, the fan or wiring could be bad. Report back.

Does anyone here have a manual to that car? I can’t find one but perhaps we can help JD in finding these relays.

The relays are probably in the power distribution center under the hood, near the battery, as RemcoW said, if this car is similar to other Chrysler products. The manual may detail where they are, or the underside of the cover may show what is where as well. Does the temp gauge slowly climb while the car is at idle and not moving?