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2006 Nissan Teana 230 JK making a sound during acceleration

My car, a 2006 Nissan Teana, is making a screeching sound when i press the gas pedal. This happens only when the car is moving since when i press the pedal when it is stationery, on neutral, no sound comes out.

My mechanic suspected that the engine belt tensioning pulley was the problem. We replaced it but the noise still there.

Initially, it was not loud and one took long to hear it. It is now getting louder.

Problem been there for two months now.

Please help with ideas.


Many things can make that screechy sound; bad water pump bearing, bad Alternator bearing, misaligned belt and others.

Your mechanic did not do an actual investigation as to what the problem might be. Such “mechanics” are called “parts hangers”!

Get a better mechanic who can do an actual trouble shooting analysis.

Thanks Docnick,
My own initial thought was the belts could have a problem. I also wasnt convinced about the tension pulley.
I will get a second opinion from another mechanic.
More thoughts are still welcome. Especially on what could be causing the noise.

There are a few possible approaches here. Many shops will use a “mechanic’s stethoscope” to try to identify the source of the problem. Others might remove the serp belt and rotate the various pulleys by hand as well as feeling them for wobbliness (I made that word up), feeling and listening for signs of a worn bearing.

Sometimes something visual like evidence of a seeping water pump shaft seal can lead to the source of the sound.

What Is A Nissan Teana 230 JK? Is It Similar To Another Nissan That I Can Actually Research?
Sorry, I don’t know Nissans, as we have no Nissan dealers and no Nissan cars anywhere near here, but I’d like to help and I have sources.


It is essentially the same as the Nissan Altima.

"It is essentially the same as the Nissan Altima."

Can you replicate the sound putting it in drive with the parking brake on? Might recommend wheel blocks also. I imagine after replacing the tensioner the belt was found to be good. Does it change if ac or defrost, as defrost usually kicks on the ac, is on or off?

@“the same mountainbike” - Does that stethoscope exist? Something like the diagnosis machine? Interesting. I can say that my mechanic had conviction that it had everything to do with the belts. At least now i am getting ideas as to what else could be wrong. Thank you.

@barkydog - sound seems to come when vehicle is in motion, possibly under load. It is not continous, only when one presses the gas pedal as the car moves. You would hear it one moment and not hear it another moment although initially it was rare, now it is coming more often. Having AC on or off does not seem to have any bearing on the sound. It happens in both.

this link may help, it describes how to use a stethoscope in auto diagnosis. but that is not useful if the sound only occurs when the car is in motion.

Mechanic’s stethoscopes are sold by Harbor Freight too. They are like priced like $6, or so. I just use a length of old garden hose myself. Ray says to use a length of vacuum hose. Sometimes if I can’t find a length of garden hose I’ll hold a long screwdriver on the part in question and listen at the end of the handle.

If all else fails there’s a gadget some shops have called “mechanics ears” or something like that. With it you place a bevy of microphones here and there, and then drive with a pair of headphones to listen to. You switch from one microphone to the other to narrow down the source of the sound.

@George_San_Jose - i really have never heard of these where i am. We try to listen manually and do trial and error until we spot the sound. Its a costly and time consuming affair. Like i changed a part which was not the problem and i had already paid for it hoping it would sort out my issues. I will ask if my mechanic knows about it.

Perhaps something is lost in the translation, the device has the same name and is similar to the device seen hanging from your doctors neck. Not every mechanic possess these but noise can be identified and isolated with a length of hose.

Click on the link to see an automotive stethoscope. BTW, where do you live? The Teana is not sol in the USA or Canada.

@jtsanders Kenya