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2011 Hyundai Accent screeching

Hi folks.

Mom’s got a 2011 Hyundai Accent that started making a screeching sound about a month ago. The sound only lasts about a second and happens when first starting up.

After reading through some forums, something came up about turning the steering wheel all the way to right/left to see if it reproduced the sound. As it turns out, turning the steering wheel all the way to left gives me the screech.

According to said forums, this supposedly has something to do with the alternator belt. I also find myself wondering if there’s a connection with frigid weather.

In short, might this screech as described be caused by alternator belt? What other things could I try to rule it out or confirm this?

Thank you.

The noise might be from a worn drive belt.,2011,accent,1.6l+l4,1447254,belt+drive,belt,8900

If it can’t be remembered the last time this was done, that’s where to start.


If the alternator/power steering/water pump belt is slipping, the cold thicker fluid in the power steering pump will make it worse. The slipping will also get worse at full steering lock, either side. Your best bet is to have someone else steer it while you listen underhood.

Since this is a 8 year old car with unwritten miles, just change it. Check to make sure the tensioner is doing its job as well. Check the tensioner pulleys for bearing drag and replace any that feel gritty.